Thom Morgan
Full Stack Engineer
Bachelor of Science
Majors: Computer Science & Mathematics
Minor: Film Studies
AGILE; Kanban; Waterfall;
Favorite Languages
Python; Swift; TypeScript; V;
All Languages
ANTLR4; C; C#; C++; CSS ; Go; HTML; Java; JavaScript; JSON; LaTeX; MatLab; MySQL; NoSQL; ObjectiveC; PERL; PHP; PostgreSQL; Python; R; Ruby; Rust ; SCSS; Shell; Solidity; SQL; Swift; SwiftUI; TypeScript; XHTML; XML; YAML;
Libraries, Frameworks, and Platforms
Angularjs; Angular 8+; Asana; Atlassian (JIRA Confluence); Bootstrap; Cordova; Docker; Express; FastAPI; Flutter; Gradle; GraphQL; gRPC; jQuery; Nextjs; Nodejs; Nuxtjs; Pandas; Protobuffs; PyTorch; Reactjs; React- Native; REST APIs, Tailwind CSS; Tensorflow; Vuejs; WordPress;
CI/CD, DevOps, and Cloud
AWS; Azure; BlueOcean; CircleCI; DataDog; DigitalOcean; Helm; GitHub Actions; GitLab Webhooks; Google Cloud Services; Jenkins; Kubernetes; Terraform;
Developer Tools
Android Studio; Aptitude; CocoaPods; Eclipse IDE; Homebrew; NPM; PNPM; Remix IDE; Swift Package Manager; VSCode; XCode; Yarn;
Simulations/CAD Software
Blender; CATIA; Gazebo; MuJoCo;
AWS Developer Certified; Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP); Professional Scrum Master I (PSM I);
  • I am a Full Stack Engineer and Penetration Tester with over 10 years of professional experience in end-to-end web app development, mobile app development, CI/CD, offensive security hardening, robotics, and data science.
  • Work Experience
    Senior Full Stack Engineer & Penetration Tester
    Boston Dynamics
  • Rearchitected and fine tuned various perception AI models used by Spot and Atlas, improving their success rate of climbing debris without falling over from 60% to 99.9%
  • Redesigned the React web application and native Android application for Stretch leading to 25% fewer direct support requests from customers.
  • Designed, implemented, and lead a team of engineers to reengineer the native Spot iOS app and SDK increasing developer SDK downloads by more than 20% a month.
  • Staged, tested, and deployed Mobile Device Management (MDM) for tablet devices improving security and ensuring $50M in deals with customers who labeled MDM as a dealbreaking requirement.
  • Refactored unit, systems, simulations (Gazebo and MuJoCo), and end-to-end tests (Selenium/Playwright) that reduced CI/CD pipeline costs by about 35%.
  • Senior Full Stack Engineer & Data Scientist
    Absci Corp
  • Engineered generative adversarial neural networks to produce DNA sequences of potential markers that maximize gene affinity, beating the previous algorithm's accuracy of identifying key biological markers by 20%.
  • Developed and deployed end-to-end applications resulting in a 50% increase in the speed at which genomes could be submitted and sequenced by biologists.
  • Data mined APIs and designed data visualizations that provided scientists and product owners with the necessary KPIs to facilitate budgeting decisions.
  • Senior Full Stack Engineer & iOS/Android Engineer
    Unisys Federal SAIC
  • Ported over a dozen existing ReactJS/Angular.js web applications into native and React-Native mobile applications increasing the number of CBP interceptions by over 1000% (not a typo) than in previous years.
  • Refactored the codebase, using best practices, reducing build times and cutting CI/CD costs by nearly 50%
  • Projects
    Lead Full Stack, iOS/Android, DevOps Engineer
    Read Less LLC
  • Developed and app that provides users with concise and accessible news with support for over 40 languages.
  • Designed and developed the Express API, leveraging Sequelize ORM and PostgreSQL, reducing MVP development time to under 2 weeks.
  • Engineered an on-demand automated worker queue to interface with more than 3 REST APIs including OpenAI's completion API, DeepAI's image generation API, and's voice cloning API.
  • Developed a puppeteer web scraper that crawls over 100 news.
  • Designed and developed the React web application.
  • Configured and deployed to Kubernetes clusters, DNS, SSL, and CI/CD pipelines coupled with Github Actions, cutting operation costs to less than $500/month.